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Aero Takes on Mart: October 2017

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Aero Takes on Mart: October 2017

You see the posts on our Instagram and Facebook all the time... "We're going to mart; what would you like to see in our stores?!" But what's all the fuss about? 

What is Mart?

In short, the Mart we attend happens 4 times a year in the heart of Downtown Atlanta  and is a collection of vendors from all around the country who come together to present their lines to us as buyers.  It can be overwhelming and at times the designs and patterns all start to run together and look alike; that's when we know its time for a coffee or lunch break to refresh our minds. 

We have vendors who become friends and familiar that  we know and love and we 

always have go see, but we also try to spend some of our time at Mart finding new vendors and 

searching for new and different things we think our shoppers will love.

Watch our October Mart Vlog below for sneak peeks into all of the new styles (and all of the 

walking) that comes along with Mart!


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